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ARCH TEMPLE collaborates with like-minded artists and designers who share a similar vision and purpose. Together, we delve into unchartered territories in an effort to create unique and aesthetic products, with a twist of the brands DNA & character. 



HALO 196819721981

It all started in 1981, when the founder Helge Petersen hung in a parachute between the sky and the ground and wondered why his clothes were wet while the parachute was dry.

With a background in the Hunter Corps and many years of experience as a runner, Helge used the parachute to create an innovative range of functional styles with a focus on detail and comfort. At the time, the Hunter Corps excelled at jumping from great heights with low openings. Three decades later, HALO is a tribute to the founder and Newline's history.

HALO brings functionality and urban aesthetics to the next level - strongly inspired by the Danish Air Force.

The sunglasses meets or exceeds MIL-PRF-32432A(GL) ballistic standards for glasses and goggles, (US) MIL-PRF-32432(GL) Ballistic and MCEP (Military Combat Eye Protection) standards, (US) ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity Impact's safety and optical standards.



Tattoo Artist & Owner, Sinners Ink

Mark Wosgerau is an world famous artist travelling all around the world with dedication and loyalty from high end clientele . Mark is well known for his interpretations of mythologies, and the beauty of the Sinners Inks world has deep roots in his surrealistic style. Stay tuned and be one of the first witnesses to a different sunglasses collection characterized by surreal fashion and coolness handcrafted with outstanding quality.



Danish denim designer & 4th generation tailor

Martin Munch's interest in denim started as a 14-year-old, where he and his mother sewed and sold jackets made from old jeans. Today, he can write both tailor, designer and entrepreneur on his CV, with reference to brands such as Minimum, Munji Jeans, Punk Royal, Blake Copenhagen, Trousers, Noisy May and WHY7. His philosophy is founded on a desire to focus on good craftsmanship, Scandinavian simplicity and functionality. We are proud to have Munji onboard as co-designer.



Arkitekt cand.arch & fashionista

Katrine Sølvsten is one of the few female architects who has her own art department. She uses empathy and female intuition in her work and is not afraid to challenge clients.  She finds inspiration in the Danish design tradition and reinterprets it. The style is simple. It reflects the meeting between the Nordic modern raw expression and the care for detail, surfaces and material compositions. The result is authentic and timeless homes with an edge. Watch out on her instagram #soelvsten_arkitektur and become a firstmover on the pre-order sunglass post.