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About us

Simplicity. Contemporary. Relation.

ARCH TEMPLE is an eyewear brand & design studio offering own brands & tailormade concepts. Our focus is product development and supply chain management. Originally founded in 2017 starting as a local company in Aarhus, world's smallest big city placed in Denmark.

After a few years, the studio has become internationally acknowledged with own & OEM/ODM products being sold in more than 12 countries across the world.

The market needs or what the market didn´t knew was needed, always comes first, followed by product concept, in-house designers, outsourced production, and hands-on supply chain management. The result – unusual usual eyewear.

ARCH TEMPLE design studio focuses on our niché within the eyewear industry. Due to the lean design process and small minimum order quantities we change the mindset towards regular timeline of product development and set trend for making complicated things uncomplicated. Unique minimalism and sense of details wrapped up in first class packaging makes ARCH TEMPLE products perfect gifts. As we say: Fitting first - as well as aesthetics!

ARCH TEMPLE has established a reliable network of suppliers in Europe and the Fareast to achieve the desired cost-balance without comprismising on quality and on time deliveries. All products are produced by manufacturers adhering to strict EU requirements and internal brand manuals.

In general the eyewear industry stands out for its distinctiveness. With thousands of companies devoted to crafting just one product composed of three primary components - a front and two temples - it's intriguingly singular. Across the internet and forums, these three elements spark discussions among bloggers, writers, and thinkers.

What's amusing is how these components neatly fit into two overarching categories: sunglasses and ophthalmic glasses. Like countless others, we spend our days delving into conversations about these seemingly insignificant parts with industry experts whose technical knowledge properly far surpasses ours. To most of the world, discussions about minute details like a one-degree shift in panthoscopic angle may end up with several meetings, but for us, the process is more simplified since we do not re-invent the wheel.

While frames appear deceptively simple, creating exceptional ones still demands an unparalleled blend of expertise, precision, and technical finesse. In a world teeming with billions, each with a unique face, mastering the craft of minimalistic eyewear manufacturing becomes an intricate endeavor.

We are artisans of eyewear.

We are ARCH TEMPLE, a reliable partner for wholesellers and distributors.